Who we are

Webb Integration has been integrating audio and visual equipment for over 50 years. From corporate boardrooms to classrooms, we offer the finest equipment — integrated by certified professionals. We know how to ensure your system’s integration is planned and executed for maximum effect and usage.

What we do

Whatever your integration needs, from corporate boardrooms and events to retail/restaurants, schools and healthcare, we offer the best AV equipment at highly competitive prices.

Before you finalize any audio visual project, give us a call to ensure that you’re investing in the right equipment for your needs and that the integration is properly planned for maximum effect and usage. All AV equipment is integrated by our certified professionals.

Product Catalog

a comprehensive catalog of our available products

  • AV equipment


    Microphones, Speakers, Acoustic Materials, Headphones, Headsets & Earsets

  • audio visual equipment Utah


    Cameras – Special Application, Camera Auxiliary Equipment, Camcorders, Camera Controls

  • AV equipment Utah

    Production \ Lighting

    Audio Production Equipment, Production Recording Equipment, Video Production Equipment, Lighting Control Systems

  • AV equipment Utah


    Displays & Monitors, Video Walls

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